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I forget who said it, but allys don’t get to self identify as allys. Whether or not you’re being an ally is determined by BIPOC folx twitter.com/i/spaces/1PlKQanzM

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Black People: *create a space where we discuss how white people can be better allies*

White people:

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URGENT: As we feared, @TwitterSafety is already locking and suspending the accounts of extremism researchers under its new "Private Media" policy.

The video is from September (predating the policy) and shows two right-wing extremists IN PUBLIC, planning violent assaults.

True. But you also have to ask WHY it's happening. Normal political channels don't work because there isn't a political party that supports improving the material conditions of the most marginalised. America is an oligarchy camouflaged to look like a democracy.
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The result is a country where no LGBT person will find safe harbor again, and we're powerless to do anything about it via normal political channels.


No tonight. I've been under the weather for a bit. I'm in bed writing, but I'm not feeling well enough to do a show tonight.

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Finally, Jesse Singal comes out and calls a trans person a terrorist (the tweet refers to Jude Doyle).

Quiet part loud, buddy.

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I’d rather shove green coffee beans up my ass than vote for this supreme scam artist twitter.com/droz/status/146576

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Just had a local Labour canvasser knock at our door. Said Corbyn was to blame for Labour losing two elections. Heard my OH putting him right -at length- and the poor man couldn't get away fast enough😂

He asked if she had any questions, she said "Where's the Forde report?" ❤️

They have zero vision on how to impact the material conditions of the people that they want support from. It's why I support @HarmonyPartyUK, @UKLabour is on path to a self-inflicted demise.

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I've said this since I moved to this country. What's the plan once you have to govern? It's basically LibDem policy and look how popular that's been.
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Labour’s leadership have a strategy to marginalise and crush the left.

But what vision do they have to offer the country?

My column on a reshuffle looking back to the past: theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Imagine defending a world renowned skeptic with an appeal to authority logical fallacy.
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Imagine feeling confident enough to call Richard Dawkins a “science denier”

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Richard Dawkins is living proof that secular people are as adept at finding justifications to support bigotry as religious people are.

Motivated reasoning is all one needs to find justification for the oppression and eventual extermination of those whom one fears and hates.

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To reject whiteness is to reject white Supremacy

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Who doesn't? Other than terfs who butter up the abusive misogynist men who surround them. twitter.com/GrahamY11426083/st

Check out 💛🤍 floz💜🖤's video! vm.tiktok.com/ZM8tdqsLK/ @RozKaveney @christineburns

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