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Thread: I’ve noticed a weird reluctance on the part of liberal journalists to assess the evidence in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. The right has spent weeks screaming “she’s lying!” and so far, the left has responded with “it’s complicated!”
It’s not. Let’s take a look.

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Patriotic Socialism? Get that reactionary shit away from me or I’ll identify as a problem

Why isn’t Liberty the UK’s national human rights oversight body, rather than the inept, biased, political puppets EHRC

Liberty Twitter thread: twitter.com/libertyhq/status/1

Liberty actually seem to UNDERSTAND human rights and the threat they’re under in the UK, while the EHRC remain SILENT! 😣

#HumanRights #EHRC #Liberty

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Boris Johnson on "We've cut unemployment to its lowest rate in 50 years."

Yeah with 0hrs contracts which let employers unemploy people without having to pay severance or give fair reason by dropping their hours to zero.

"Cutting unemployment" by redefining what it means.

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The US has been broken since its conception so I don't really see how this is a legitimate question if you actually live in America twitter.com/nathaliejacoby1/st

Some days, you just need to get away from social media and stab something several hundred times. Cleanup is easiest if you stick with embroidery.

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I get comments like this a lot. The basic argument seems to be:

"Because political oppression is worse elsewhere, we shouldn't hold our own government accountable for passing oppressive legislation that follows a clear authoritarian blueprint."

Here's why this is dangerous 🧵

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Frankly I'm less interested in another round of fruitless "commonsense reforms" pitches than Dems explaining how they're going to prevent people whose politics are identical from the Buffalo shooter's from taking over Congress in 6 months. twitter.com/timkaine/status/15

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😂😂😂😂 setting aside my personal issues with this app..
It's basically become Facebook with videos twitter.com/tiktokcreators/sta

Because for the most part they are. There's absolutely no accountability within the British press unless you have money or a large platform.
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They really do think they’re untouchable, don’t they? How incredibly, depressingly, tedious.

I am so angry at this. It's vile
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Something Adorno and Horkheimer say that applies here:

Those who are genocidal cannot even let the dead rest in peace. Those who suffer must be denied peace in death as they were in life. twitter.com/emirnader/status/1

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You will never know how much the world hates disabled people until you constantly catch able-bodied people parking in the disabled person's spot. And they almost always had the same fucking excuse I'm just going to be in and out they say nobody's coming here at this time

Referring to every drone as "an R2D2":

Pisses off both Star Wars fans *and* drone enthusiasts

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Keir Starmer thinks £15 an hour minimum wage is too much. He should try living on it.

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Earlier this week the office of a Wisconsin anti abortion organization was firebombed.

I have received a statement from the group claiming responsibility. They call themselves "Jane's Revenge" (a reference to the Jane Collective).

More follows.


LB: If you’re used to Twitter, reporting users probably feels like a futile last resort but on fedi, moderation is done by human beings. You don’t need an iron-clad case - reporting rudeness, bad behaviour, or a sketchy vibe can alert mods to potential trouble even if they don’t take immediate action. And remember to check the “forward anonymously to the remote instance” button too

Anarchist Federation: **Anarchist Collective Shares Instructions to Make DIY Abortion Pills**

"from Vice by Jason Koebler DIY medicine collectives are preparing for the horrifying prospect that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. With the Supreme Court poised to overturn the constitutional right to abortion, an anarchist coll…"


#anarchism #bot

@Shrigglepuss @ljwrites "how will I know how to pronounce this famous person's name?" is something that people keep right on typing in to devices with near-instantaneous access to the sum total of human knowledge, apparently.

Am i the only one expecting the "Doctor Who isnt black" tweet any time now?
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“I may only have one heart but I am giving it all to this show” Ncuti Gatwa is the Doctor ❤️❤️➕🟦

Read more here ➡️ doctorwho.tv/news-and-features

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