Teachers can be so exhausting, especially if you are one. 

Recently, I keep catching a lot of complaints about how different States are recruiting to cover teacher shortages. The most widely discussed is Florida, which wants to cover it using military members and their spouses.

And... rather than considering all the ways in which that can potentially backfire (all the ways in which the harmful structure of the military can permeate into schools, the treatment of children, the increased refusal of mostly cis men to listen to colleagues who are predominantly women or feminine)?

People keep laser-focusing on the fact that "they aren't trained teachers." And I want to scream so much because:

1. An education program does not a teacher make. Many programs are inadequate (as many new teachers will point out, since there's high turnover in the first 5 years in many places). Many provide faux psychology as fact. Most utilise self-referential materials to support the existence of schools as the only learning space.

2. Many of these same people complaining about the lack of qualifications are also people who didn't fight back against the increased racism, transphobia, queerphobia, and ableism within the system. They've done little to *keep* teachers who *wanted* to be there.

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@ghost_bird @marti tell me you murdered your husband without telling me you murdered your husband tiktok challenge

I got banned on the birdsite for 12 hours for posting audio from a guy on the radio. Part of fair use, but fair use is dead.

“it's no coincidence that TERF rhetoric increased just as feminist circles were finally beginning to have productive conversations about intersectionality & how historical feminist successes had largely benefited white women, straight women, cis women, wealthy women, able-bodied women, neurotypical women. Suddenly, a whole bunch of white feminists were told, 'hey, perhaps your voices aren't the ones that need centering right now. perhaps you should pass the mic.'”


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SWERFs and TERFs, feminist history, sex wars 

I’ve been assuming this is well known, by the way, but just in case you didn’t know: SWERFs and anti-porn feminists ended up allied with the evangelical right in the 1980s, in pretty much the same way TERFs are aligning with fascists now

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If you have to preface every phrase with “I have nothing against trans people” you definitely have something against trans people you personified exhaustion.

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What they are doing with these cherry picked stories fear-mongering about trans people right now reminds me a lot of how they used to use cherry picked stories about Muslim/migrant crimes to fearmonger about Muslims as a whole. Same sickening tactic.

Reading @monaeltahawy talking about the power of profanity on the same day i learn how to say "fuck" (foda-se) in Portuguese. Rs.

Dave Chappelle turning down the opportunity to have the theatre at the high school he graduated from named after him [because he didn’t get the reaction he wanted from his transphobic-laden special The Closer] is absolutely proof positive that some of you lot will go out of your way to do an unreal amount of harm to people who have done nothing to you, still win all the material prizes, and still not be satisfied unless everyone is applauding you for your indefensible commentary.

It’s the simplest proof anyone could ask for — genuinely or disingenuously — that a lot of you aren’t satisfied with simply harming people with impunity.

You lot clearly expect to be given a hero’s coronation when you’re clearly the villain of your own fucking delusion of grandeur.

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But here’s what really kills me:

You man constantly preach about how sticks and stones break bones but words can never hurt you yet here the fuck your snowflake ass is crying and begging for laughs. Here your bitch made ass is *bawling* because a gaggle of school children rejected your “art.”

Never ever talk to me about Dave Chappelle ever again. That man is a whole snivelling little bitch and he’s not worthy of any lionisation ever again.

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For me, comparing migrant, Muslim, women of colour criticising a book on twitter to Taliban, Isis, Boko Haram, Nazis, Soviets, Spanish Inquisition is unforgiveable. It is also dangerous given hostile environment.

But Philip doesn’t care about that… twitter.com/philippullman/stat

She's been doing it for decades, witness not supporting transinclusion in employment and non-discriminaiton legislation back in 2006. She has no ethical center, it's just about getting elected. Hell, she only got on board with equal marriage when it was politically safe.
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Clinton being terf or terf adjacent ain’t nothing new honestly she’s been saying this shit for years now, people don’t want to hear it https://tw…

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Um país soberano não pode ter crianças analfabetas ou passando fome. Não pode ter meninas vendendo o seu corpo para ter um prato de comida. Um país soberano é um país com educação para o seu povo, com trabalhadores vivendo com dignidade e sobrevivendo do seu salário.

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@AidanCTweets "Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect" -Frank Wilhoit

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Estima-se que 90% das pessoas trans não possui acesso a um emprego formal. Já é hora das empresas criarem mais espaços de acolhimento e desenvolvimento.

São profissionais excepcionais e que merecem oportunidades. Quando for contratar, invista em pessoas trans e travestis.

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