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They did generally talk about the previous failures of a general strike, & the impracticality of it (but didn't talk of a ). Capitalism is built on top of consumerism, and removal of that consumerism would wake some people up, &* inject money into local communities.

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Listening to @HappenHerePod with @IwriteOK episode Anti-work Part 1, through the lens of the discussions @NotYourNegro2 has been having about the .

This is who TERFs are.
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The only gender clinic dedicated to transgender youth in the state of Texas has formally dissolved after far-right activists harassed doctors and called the services provided there child abuse

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Starmer stans: Piss off you out-of-date, filthy leftie Trots, we don't want you, we don't need you.

Also Starmer stans: Outrageous that you won't support and vote for us. You must be Tories.

Right now on the , we're talking about why it's essential to end the Transgender Day of Remembrance as we know it.

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Just had my Covid booster. My mobile data connection now runs much faster.

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Trying to explain Punch & Judy shows to people that aren't British is like... "so there's this popular seaside entertainment in England where this red faced drunkard beats his wife with a stick..." and then realising that I just sound fucking mental...

Casket keeps the grift alive in some really pathetically gross ways.
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I had wondered what I could possibly add to the Rittenhouse mess, other than that I feel for the victim's families. With nothing original or even particularly smart to say, I said nothing.
Pity I didn't think of "just throw out the worst and most pointless bullshit you can".

Tonight on the , we'll talk about why it's essential to end the Transgender Day of Remembrance as we know it.

Tonight on the , we'll talk about the , the dictionary definition of racism, the history of ACAB and the Black Panther Party, and how are indeed feminists. Join us now!

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I'm just pointing out again that I refuse to read writing published on Substack because it pays a number of higher profile right wing assholes and reactionaries $$$ to write for them.

Sorry Substack lefties. Find another place to post your work.

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